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Rep4Life's mission is to be a helpful resource during times of crisis for those employed as traveling sales professionals.

We are an Orlando based nonprofit who's sole purpose is to help the traveling sales professional in times of unforeseen need.  Founded by brothers Alex and Max Fraser (founders of RepZio), Rep4Life is there to support the traveling sales professional when they need it most.  We LOVE sales representatives, we are sales representatives, and we want to help those in need.



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Need help?

Rep4Life provides two separate types of grants

A crisis grant that pays basic living expenses directly and a matching grant that matches funds raised by a manufacturer, family member or rep group on your behalf.  If you wish to start a grant please fill out the form and we will respond immediately.

Rep4Life is accepting grant applications from individuals who are themselves traveling sales professionals, on behalf of another traveling sales professional or an immediate dependent (spouse or child) as listed on Tax returns.  Applications will be reviewed promptly with funding being allocated immediately thereafter.

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Want to help?

You can help in two ways.

You can partner with Rep4Life and run a charity event for a specific individual.  Please contact helpingreps@gmail.com for further information or fill out the form to start a grant of your own.

You can also follow the link and donate today.  
Rest assured, your donations will go directly to a sales rep or immediate family member in need.



Hey Everyone

We are asking that you please help a fellow sales professional and dear friend Vee with a completely flooded home, read below.

Veselina (Vee) Curfman, a well-loved sales veteran, and her family have suffered terrible losses at the hands of nature. The Brazos River in Texas has overflown from torrential downpours, and their home was under 3+ feet of water for 9 days. The water has finally receded, and families were allowed back into their completely destroyed homes. After getting tetanus shots due to high levels of water contamination, they have begun the cleanup effort. It goes without saying that everything that Vee's family has ever owned is unsalvageable and gone forever. It is much worse then what they anticipated. It looks like a war zone, and the smell is unbearable. It is utterly shocking to see the devastation. Everything that didn't get soaked has mold growing on it and goes into the trash as well.half an inch of mud is stuck to the floors, walls are expanded in moisture, paint is peeling off, and mold and mildew is everywhere.

The immediate tasks are documenting belongings for insurance purposes, pressure washing floors and seeing if they can get the electricity back on. Clean-up and getting back to normal will be a very long process but one that everyone is ready for. Feeling very grateful and blessed to have such a phenomenal support system with all of you, thank you for all your support and prayers!

This could happen to any of us at any time, please help!


Alex Fraser


Linda Fraser

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